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Welcome to the How to Play Blackjack Online Training Course. This interactive training course provides instructions on how to play Blackjack at a casino. It covers the basic rules and strategy of the game as well as guidelines for how to navigate the casino floor. It does not cover advanced strategies or card counting, which is not technically illegal but will earn you a ban from most casinos.

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This online training course has been built to fulfil the requirements of TCN806 at Seneca’s Technical Communication program. The authors of this course are:


This training has been created for educational purposes only. It does not promote gambling as a lifestyle. Nor does it aim to promote any specific casinos or commercial establishments. Like this training, gambling should be treated as entertainment. It should not be confused with a career or lifestyle; you cannot make a living off of casino Blackjack. Gambling can become an addictive activity, which can have severe monetary or other consequences for those that take it too far. See for more information on the risks of gambling and the steps you can take if you or a loved one has a gambling addiction.

While many consider Blackjack to have some of the best odds of any casino game, the truth is that the casino will always have a slight statistical advantage, no matter what the rules are or what strategy is employed. Even with the most advantageous strategy and rules, the odds will be 0.5% in favour of the casino. However, on average the casino will have a 2-5% advantage. This means that, over time, for every $100 bet, you will lose between $2 and $5.